[kwlug-disc] BD net-capable players?

Adam Glauser adamglauser at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 12:28:34 EST 2009

Kyle Spaans wrote:
>> You want H264 or Mpeg4 decoding in hardware. Otherwise the fan noise will
>> bother you and, heat may cause problems and the extra power drain may
>> shorten the life of your power supply.
> I have a Zotac ION mini-ITX motherboard with an Atom processor (dual-core
> with hyperthreading at 1.6GHz). It claims to have hardware acceleration for
> H.264 video, but when I use VLC to watch HD content, it isn't capable of
> playing the video at 25FPS. I haven't looked into it too deeply, but I think
> my problem is either VLC, or incorrect drivers (I'm using plain Debian Lenny).
> That's just a little anecdote for your benefit. :)

The proprietary NVidia drivers have only added hardware acceleration 
within the last 6 months or so.  The name for this feature is VDPAU.  I 
think only the 180 series (which is for fairly recent cards) supports 
VDPAU at present.

Each video decoding program must also add support VDPAU, so you may need 
a newer build of VLC (or your software of choice).  FWIW, I believe both 
Myth and XBMC have VDPAU support now.

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