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unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Fri Nov 6 23:50:42 EST 2009

Cool. Thanks for the followup!

Chris Irwin wrote, On 11/06/2009 6:30 PM:
> On Sat, 2009-10-31 at 01:29 -0400, Chris Bruner wrote:
>> unsolicited wrote:
>>> Monitor sleep mode doesn't matter, it just has to be connected.
>>> i.e. When you tried was the monitor connected and the laptop set to 
>>> display on both internal and external monitors?
>>> Does the proprietary driver / settings at least show that there are 
>>> two monitors present?
>>> (I would have thought nvidia / dual would be pretty important. i.e. 
>>> Running as a live cd I would have thought both monitors would just 
>>> come up. No?)
>> It's on a desktop and the monitors showed as present immediately after 
>> installation. I tried setting them to twinview like the gentoo system 
>> has, and after rebooting it no longer saw the second monitor.
>> Both monitors didn't come up in the live cd either.
> Just came across this blog entry from one of the planets I follow:
> http://blog.khax.net/2009/11/05/ubuntu-9-10-impressions-extra-packages/
> Apparently nvidia-settings can not parse the xorg.conf (likely since
> there is not one) and fails to write the necessary dual-head info to the
> file.
> Does nvidia's binary driver not support xrandr?

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