[kwlug-disc] OpenX partners with the devil

Insurance Squared Inc. gcooke at insurancesquared.com
Mon Nov 2 16:01:53 EST 2009

Yes, I'm baiting with the title of the email :).  I'm actually excited 
about this news:

Synopsis: OpenX creates open source ad serving software.  They are the 
main force in that marketplace, I use it to serve over a million ad 
impressions a month across a small network myself.  OpenX has partnered 
with Microsoft.  I'm not firm on all the details, but here's what I 
think is going on:
- open source project likely got a LOT of cash injected into it.
- I expect they're going to have some way of farming ads from MS 
advertisers out across OpenX software users.
- this is in direct competition with Google Adsense.

One of the reasons I'm excited about this is that Google has recently 
made some very draconian moves against various businesses in the 
advertising arena (banned advertisers with a specific business model 
from using Google ads, and then Google moves directly into the market 
with the same business model they just banned.). So in addition to a GPL 
project getting some big cash. (and deservedly) this partnership is 
giving me/us 'choice'.  Choice we've not had, and choice we now need to 
help stave off Google's aggresive move into niche markets like mortgage 
lead generation.  And for anyone that's ever gone GPL so that they have 
choices and freedom, this is pretty much the same thing. 

It's also the smartest darn thing I've seen come out of MS in a long 
time.  But I'm baiting again :).


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