[kwlug-disc] Topics for future meetings

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Wed Nov 4 22:22:02 EST 2009

Raul Suarez wrote, On 11/04/2009 8:57 PM:
> If people are interested I could also give a presentation in
> programing for Linux for people that want to get into programming,
> or who are already programmers but haven't done it in Linux.
> It would be an overview and practical comparison. When is it better
> to use one over the other, pros and cons of each language/toolkit.
> etc.
> I would go over a manageable subset and would be time for people to
> add their input on languages that I'm not including.

I, for one, would certainly like to see something like this.

Particularly with an emphasis on (setting up) the development 
environment (ide?), and things before (pseudocode?, segmenting / 
development file / directory structure, particularly in a group 
context), during (editing, pulling in libraries / packages / whatever 
the heck else is needed), after (debugging / testing / deployment ).

I'm not suggesting a comparison of cvs' here, but there is an element 
of using a repository (fetch, submit) in the flow. Somewhere. Somehow.

I'm also not suggesting depths of testing / debugging, as I expect 
much of it will be programming language specific. But, again, it's 
somewhere in the flow. Even, e.g. making a web (.html) page.

I'm an old time C programmer, and have used make quite a bit. (QNX2) 
So cpp, cc1, cc2, lint, make, etc., ok, but I look at today's 
development elements, objects, ide's, automake, versioning, and so on 
and so forth, and quickly feel like I'm drinking from a firehose. 
Java? Ruby? Python? Pearl? and on and on and on ...

A presentation that gave a high-level overview as to the nature of the 
beastie would sure be appreciated.

Heck, even in a bash context it would be useful.

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