[kwlug-disc] P/T student

Insurance Squared Inc. gcooke at insurancesquared.com
Thu Mar 26 17:06:26 EDT 2009

Just on the off chance that there's someone on the list who's in the New 
Hamburg area with kids in late high school or post secondary; I'm 
looking for a student to do website/internet marketing/search engine 
optimization stuff for me.  Part time, $10/hour, 3 evenings a week in 
our office (6-8:30) in New Hamburg, for the next six months.  Flexible 
on the times.

I need a technical mini-me; familiarity with linux would be important - 
not that it's a linux position, however they will be using a linux 
desktop, the websites they will be working on will be linux hosted, and 
some familiarity with linux implies tendency towards the technical 
proficiency that I'm really looking for.   (i.e I want to be able to say 
'set up a website with a wordpress blog, grab a nice theme and drop in 
these 5 categories, build a subdirectory and install wikimedia in it, 
populate this spreadsheet, upload it as input to this script, etc.).  
Specific knowledge isn't important as I'll train but it would be very 
nice if command line linux familiarity was there.

The work will be a combination of learning internet marketing and SEO 
and dreary work like creating spreadsheets.  I'm looking for someone to 
get all the little unfinished projects off my desk.  No programming or 
anything like that, mostly website and computer work.  Would be of 
interest to someone who's looking to see the inside of an SEO/internet 
marketing company.

If you've got someone, email me glenn at glenn.ca or give me a call 
519.279.4648 or drop by the office at 165 peel street (InsureCan) in New 

I dunno - do kids these days use linux?  Or is only for older folks?

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