[kwlug-disc] Unlimitel/ATA pricing

Adam Glauser adamglauser at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 11:40:19 EDT 2009

L.D. Paniak wrote:
>>> Next step, but could have been done earlier - add Asterisk [... ]
>>> and take control of your own call routing. [...] Perhaps if your house
>>> phone doesn't answer, you
>>> auto-forward it to your cell phone. And if it too doesn't answer, take
>>> voice mail.
>> It occurs to me that with a cellular plan that includes a "my
>> favourites" feature (free calling to specified numbers), this could be
>> _really_ slick.
> Actually, you can go a step further.  With "my favourites" you can have
> your trixbox/Elastix server act as a telephone proxy and route cell
> calls at VOIP prices. For example:  call home number (trixbox/Elastix),
> punch is secret code and get a dialtone on the system.  Now you can dial
> out as if you are on a VOIP extension.

Yes, I thought about that too.  You mentioned in your presentation that 
the router hardware was hardpressed to do certain codec translations. 
IIRC gsm was specifically mentioned.  Would this type of setup be 
possible with the WL-500gp, or would more beefy/optimized hardware be 

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