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L.D. Paniak ldpaniak at fourpisolutions.com
Sun Mar 15 19:07:38 EDT 2009

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The Cisco/Linksys SPA900-series desk phones and the SPA3000 ATAs claim
to support encrypted media streams (SRTP).  There are entries in the web
interface of these devices for certificates and keys.  I do not know the
details of how to use them.  You would probably have to ask someone at
an authorized dealer like - maybe- Netdirect...  Also, it is not clear
how much support there is for encryption from VOIP providers.

It looks like FreeSwitch (an alternative to Asterisk) supports an open
source SRTP.

Using something open-source friendly like OpenVPN not only gives a
secure stream but also allows one to punch through NAT firewalls which
can mess up SIP traffic and streams.  Plus OpenVPN runs on practically
anything since the V34 modem - including Asus WL500gP routers!

Chris Frey wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 14, 2009 at 12:27:11PM -0400, L.D. Paniak wrote:
>> Your "directory" need not be a public entity. A PBX like trixbox or
>> Elastix (or Asterisk directly) can be programmed to automatically route
>> calls to minimize cost.  It is only a small step up in complexity from a
>> basic system configuration.  The easiest/cheapest way to do this is to
>> have remote extensions attached to the PBX.  Calls between extensions
>> are free. Of course, you can't give an extension to everyone.
> Slight topic change, but since the gurus are on the topic, I might
> as well ask.  What are the options of adding encryption to your
> VOIP traffic?  I understand that it should be possible to setup a VPN
> between two asterisk users and voila, encrypted VOIP.
> I realize most people don't worry about VOIP encryption, which is part of
> the problem, but are there any movements in that direction?
> Thanks,
> - Chris
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