[kwlug-disc] Netbook+ manu. suggestions?

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Had the same question re: Lenovo laptops.

I may be in the market for a new laptop soon, and checked lenovo.com (Canada
site) and found that the price difference between what is on the site and
what is at Futureshop/Bestbuy too large.

The other thing I noticed is that even Lenovo switched to wide screen LCDs.
The older 1400 x 1050 does not exist anymore anywhere.

On Sat, Mar 14, 2009 at 2:06 PM, unsolicited <unsolicited at swiz.ca> wrote:

> John - can NetDirect come anywhere close to Canada Computer, Tiger
> Direct, et al, on their IBM laptop pricing?
> Can NetDirect recommend models based on recent list threads? Mine
> (below), or Bob's?
> unsolicited wrote, On 03/08/2009 9:11 PM:
>  I am thinking it's time to buy a notebook.
>> I will want ...
>> - to run Debian
>> - to shrink the pre-installed OS and dual boot.
>> - all the latest bells and whistles, but not the fastest.
>> - wi-fi (preferably pre-802.11n, but I probably can't have it at a price
>> point I'm willing to consider), bluetooth, camera, mic, speakers, etc. -
>> Including inputs, such as for headset. Video out. Gbps Ethernet
>> - dual-core (Celeron?)
>> - at least 1024x768 (for VNC), inevitably it will be wider, but I want it
>> to be at least that big.
>> - DVD, probably Blu-Ray.
>> - expect that 2GB will be practically sufficient, for memory.
>> - not certain I want or need the hassle of a 64-bit OS. Presuming that
>> 32-bit haps aren't always 'just happy' on them.
>> - what other criteria haven't I thought of here?
>> - What are the AMD keywords I need to look for for dual-core? I don't know
>> the AMD line. My experience has been, when away from my dual-core to a
>> single core, I really notice the spots of hurry up and wait while this app
>> opens before I can switch tasks to get on with things. e.g. Opening firefox
>> or open office.
>> - I typically end up at Canada Computer.
>> I'm thinking the purpose here is to be a super PDA with a screen and
>> keyboard. e.g. (1) I VNC into home where my environment is all set up. So if
>> I drop the laptop, little current data is lost. VNC is the reason for the
>> minimum screen res. - yes, I understand scaling. (2) I've an older laptop
>> that can do all the above, but only with a suitcase, not so small, of
>> cables, external devices, and etc. - such as playing a movie at the trailer
>> via VLC (and external DVD, for that matter. <sigh>) I want to avoid the
>> suitcase.
>>    I popped over to Dell the other day, and their configuration tool
>> wanted a 1033 FSB to keep up with Blu-Ray. (I'm not convinced I couldn't get
>> by with making an .iso of the disc before I go, and playing from HD.) Given
>> a sufficiently large hard drive. I believe no hard drive will be too small -
>> it's just an OS with a bit of data, and the current data will always be on
>> the home / multiply rsync'ed network.
>> Age, let alone hearing loss, is playing a factor. The screen needs to be
>> big enough at 1024 x 768 for me to, preferably, not need my 1x reading
>> glasses. And when on my lap, my already perpetually stiff neck can't lock on
>> me. Sound, other than tweedles, is all but irrelevant - I'd end up hooking
>> up headphones, a stereo, or bluetooth headset, for any significant
>> listening. And I can't hear anyways.
>> I like the $400 netbook price point, but recognize I won't get the
>> doohickeys I want at that price point (bluetooth, camera, etc.). Dell
>> has/had a netbook on for about $400. By the time I finished the
>> configuration tool, I was at $1,200. I will not pay that much.
>> What am I heading towards? An Acer, non-Aspire?
>> Guidance, suggestions, aspects of "don't get sucked in by the hype of
>> ...?"
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