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L.D. Paniak ldpaniak at fourpisolutions.com
Thu Mar 12 16:59:41 EDT 2009

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Oksana Goertzen wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 4:26 PM, Chris Irwin <chris at chrisirwin.ca
> <mailto:chris at chrisirwin.ca>> wrote:
>     On Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 09:42, Robert P. J. Day
>     <rpjday at crashcourse.ca <mailto:rpjday at crashcourse.ca>> wrote:
>     >  just to be clear, i think it's great if a local person lands a
>     > linux job.  the issue is that, if that happens, a recruiting company
>     > makes $$$ off of it, while the LUG (if it helped secure the placement)
>     > gets nothing out of it.
>     >
>     >  let me make what i think is an important distinction here -- there
>     > are people who have every right to look for employees here, because
>     > they're part of the local linux community.  for example, would anyone
>     > begrudge netdirect posting on the discussion list, advertising
>     > openings?  of course not -- because john is an active member of the
>     > community and contributes constantly.  he's *earned* the right to
>     > recruit here.
>     I agree with Robert. Job ads through the LUG are fine. If John were to
>     post an ad it would be acceptable. Not just due to being an active
>     contributor, but simply as an employer looking for a Linux person. A
>     Linux group is an obvious place to look for a Linux person.
>     Compare with John paying an agency to find a Linux person, which in
>     turn posts to the list. The results are the same, but there was money
>     exchanging hands for leveraging "the community." They should probably
>     be included anyway since I agree that it is good to at least help
>     somebody get a job, but it would be at least nice for the head hunter
>     to donate a bit from the fee to the FLOSS fund as thanks.
>     --
>     Chris Irwin
>     <chris at chrisirwin.ca <mailto:chris at chrisirwin.ca>>
> Uh.. but don't we get into the whole 'money is dirty' conundrum if we
> start asking for donations from companies who want to leverage our
> community?  I see the 'payback' to us - the LUG - is that companies
> looking for Linux talent, come to us first.  Maybe we need someone
> to screen people who want to post to the list for Linux-related jobs
> so we don't get all manner of junk being posted, but for legitimate
> positions - do we want to start accepting or worse, requiring donations
> for postings?
> - Oksana

So who is responsible for collecting the headhunter fee and putting it
in the FLOSS jar?  What is the ad rate for the KWLUG mailing list?  Who
decides these things?

Too many questions.  Not important to the functioning on the LUG =>
avoid them.
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