[kwlug-disc] Job offer: J2EE Software Development Manager

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Thu Mar 12 09:21:05 EDT 2009

Hi all,

This one came in to the KWLUG web site from a head hunter.  It appears
to be right on target for some of our members.  

Best regards,


I was hoping you could pass this job description along to your members.

J2EE Software Development Manager

Looking for a high paced role where you'll be looking after several
projects at once?  This position is great for a hands on manager that
has a
love of technology and isn't scared to apply his expertise where it's
needed.  Most applications will be customer focused web applications.

Example of Duties:
Architect and Design (Spring, MVC)
Manage developers and IT staff
Manage network security
Manage wireless networks
Project management
And much much more

Java, J2EE, Spring, MVC, EJB
Apache, JBox

Interested?  Please email Jaime at robinsonj at ianmartin.com with your

Key Words: Linux, Manager, Apache, JBoxx, Java, J2EE, MySQL, Architect,
Design, Web, Erp, Billing Application, Parallel processing, Wireless,
Security, Encryption, GSM, CDMA, Bluetooth, Virtualization, firewalls,
Agile, Server, Load Balancing

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