[kwlug-disc] zoho - web-based apps

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Sat Mar 7 19:43:14 EST 2009

Accidentally recorded an episode of Dotto Tech. http://dottotech.com/

He was flogging Skype (business), which was a bit ironic given Lori's 
presentation. For non-trivial $. Tried to find pricing at skype.com 
for this ... I failed to find it. BUT DOWNLOAD NOW!!! <sigh>

They also flogged an Epson projector with digital video in. Again, 
ironic given Bob's new projector, which he kindly brought a couple of 
meetings ago. Give your presentation, then bring it home to watch 
digital tv on your wall!

Finally, there was mention of http://www.zoho.com/index.html - 
apparently a super-google docs / apps / whatever. Applications as 
internet services. Don't know anything about it, but perhaps of 
interest to somebody.

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