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kwlug-disc-bounces at kwlug.org wrote on 06/30/2009 02:29:26 PM:
> From: Oksana Goertzen <ogoertzen at gmail.com>

> Mac:  -slick, good design/good support, well-tuned hardware (discrete 
> graphics out of my reach price-wise), good range of apps for kids -
> it's what they get exposed to in school, "linux-like" OS and Linux in 
> 13", take it into an Apple store for fixing, and my older son has an 
> and loved Garage Band, shiny display, some buy-in to proprietary apps,
> equipment and "lifestyle", "expensive"

You could run Linux directly on the MacBook. People do it.
> P.S.  Anyone hacking AppleTV?

I have. If I had a MacBook I could have just created a patch-stick instead 
of disassembling the case. It went back together fine and looks good, It's 
just me that knows the rubber skin is now a little loose. There are great 
online instructions on hacking them.

Now I need someone with a Mac to compile MythTV for me. The version of 
MythFrontEnd that run on AppleTV don't get the remote commands. Apple 
changed how the commands are received between firmware versions.

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