[kwlug-disc] things to look for in a netbook

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Fri Jun 26 10:44:53 EDT 2009

  a lady i know is in the market for a netbook that will fit in her
purse.  and even though she's almost certainly going to be running
windows, she asked me what she should be looking for, so i'm pondering
the following, and others can tell me what they think:

1) screen res:  most netbooks have 1024x600 displays, but i just
noticed this:


and the option for a 1366x768 display.  *i* would go for that, but i
don't know if it would be a big deal for her.  are there any netbooks
available locally with that kind of res?  i checked canada computers
and the salesgeek was adamant that any netbook that advertised that
was simply talking about the size of the virtual desktop.  that's not
what i read about the HP model above, but i'll ask the lady if that's
an issue for her.

2) HDMI port:  just me, but i think it's getting increasingly
important to have an HDMI port.  thoughts?

3) Atom N280 processor.  it looks like that's the standard for fairly
new netbooks.

  other thoughts?


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