[kwlug-disc] IPCop (and friends) vs hardware router

L.D. Paniak ldpaniak at fourpisolutions.com
Thu Jun 18 08:13:47 EDT 2009

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How many users are we talking about here? A few tens? Are you planning
onrunning something computationally expensive like VPN/wireless
encryption?  If not, I'd be surprised if an OpenWRT router couldn't keep
track of connections and push packets fast enough.

Load the router with the Shorewall package and then you can sanely
manage all firewall/traffic shaping functions.

Logging can be done as well, but it would likely require external
storage.  With a USB-capable router like an Asus WL500g Premium, you
could trivially extend onboard storage and have the router mail you the
logs regularly or look for red flags.

A more muscular and expensive x86 option is an Atom-based home-brew
router based on something like this:


That could make for a nice Pfsense box.

Paul Nijjar wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 11:43:45PM -0400, Kiwi Ssennyonjo wrote:
>> The choice is simple and clear in my opinion. Pfsense is your appliance
>> It will do everything on your list and more.
> Holy cow. Why didn't I download this 10 minutes after your KWLUG
> presentation? 
> No doubt I'm going to run into roadblocks. But at this point it looks
> like I am kicking IPCop to the curb. (Sorry, Linux.) 
> I am still curious to know how a hardware router with open firmware
> would measure up. It would be nice to replace a big desktop computer
> with a cute router box. But I have a feeling that Bill's comments
> sbout processing limits will come into play even for our relatively
> small network.
> - Paul
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