[kwlug-disc] vmware questions

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Fri Jul 31 14:05:03 EDT 2009

L.D. Paniak wrote, On 07/31/2009 1:58 PM:
> If you have enough disk space, you should be able to package up the
> There are always issues with Windows complaining about hardware changes,
> but since you are running the VM on the same hardware as the physical
> Windows, you might get away with it.  If not, I'd call MS and insist
> that they let you use your properly licensed copy of Windows on the
> machine on which it is installed - VM or not.

Forgot about running into that part.

 From what I read, to do what you want there is a specific order and 
steps to go through, to keep Windows happy.

You can't just boot back and forth between native and vm, Windows will 
want to add/remove hardware every time. e.g. Disk access to go through 
native ide one way, and vm scsi driver the other.

You end up creating a second hardware profile for vm, and choose the 
appropriate one at boot time.

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