[kwlug-disc] Heuther parking and comments thread

Adam Glauser adamglauser at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 08:45:31 EDT 2009

Paul Nijjar wrote:
> I was surprised that there were no ring-and-post parking for bikes
> outside the Heuther. I tied my steed to a lamppost, which may not have
> been that wise. 

Me too.  I know there are ring-and-post parking spots all along both 
sides of King, but I didn't see any on either side on that block.  There 
is also a rack in front of McPhail's (bike shop) on the NE corner of 
Young and King, which is only 1.5 blocks north on King.  They'd be 
closed during the meeting and I doubt there'd be a problem parking there.

When I was heading home, I noticed there were two ring-and-post spots on 
a little patch of grass just around the corner on Bridgeport, to the 
west of King.

Next time I get a chance I'll mark all of the spots I can find with my 
GPS and put them on OpenStreetMap.

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