[kwlug-disc] MythTV on LCD TV

Charles M chaslinux at gmail.com
Wed Jul 1 10:40:22 EDT 2009

I just set up Myth TV and the picture looks small on our LCD TV. I'm
wondering if this is because I don't have proprietary drivers installed. The
video card is onboard (I do have a card but haven't put it in because I want
to keep heat down in the system) and doesn't have proprietary drivers (i.e.
it sucks!).

The Myth TV menus display fine at full size. But when I watch television or
record something it gets centred in the middle of the screen and looks
relatively tiny compared to the screen.

I'm wondering if the problem would be solved somewhere in Myth TV or if I
need to go out and buy a video card with HDMI?

I'm just recording a Rogers analog signal, not high definition.
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