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Fri Jan 30 13:40:22 EST 2009

Dynamic DNS has come a long way since I first looked at it years ago - 
went static at the time. Re-looked at it when I went to Rogers and was 
pleasantly surprised to see things much better - in the sense that 
provider awareness had increased, many more 'clients' (sw bits & 
pieces) were out there, and there is just a generally larger awareness 
/ solutions out there. I've not regretted losing my static. Mind you, 
Rogers is known for not changing you all that often. (Months?)

Glen - you might just poke about and give it a try, again. You may be 
pleasantly surprised. You can at least test without going through the 
aggravation of changing providers beforehand. I've no doubt your 
particular technical details are quite different than mine, but if you 
post to the list I've no doubt many will offer immediately useful 
suggestions. [Even if you have to hard code an IP, I'd bet you could 
run a watcher and have it update your local hosts file, or something.]

Rashkae wrote, On 01/30/2009 1:10 PM:
> Insurance Squared Inc. wrote:
>> Does anyone have any non-Rogers suggestions for good local ISP's?  I'm
>> considering shopping around.
>> I've got sentex at my office at business rates (we use it for our voip
>> and internet) plus a dry loop, and I pay $20 for a static IP - and have
>> been there for many years.  And I use them at home as well.  I wanted to
>> get another static IP at home so I could add a phone to our voip system
>> - so my wife can still act as receptionist when she's at home.  Sentex
>> wants to ding me $50 setup and another $20 a month for that second
>> static IP.  I'm happy to pay enough to get the job done, but $500 a year
>> for two static IP's, for a relatively low bandwidth user, well, I feel
>> like I'm getting gouged.
> I tend to like getting Static IP's myself. (btw, the standard price for
> most ISP seems to be $10/ month).. a setup fee is pure gouging.
> However, I should also point out, for your purpose, a free dyndns.org
> account would probably work just as well.  I only really *need* a static
> IP for DNS servers.

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