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I use Packetworks at home and for some customers. They specialize in business services so don't expect well polish self-serve web UIs. They are handy for me since they are next door. Linux isn't a problem for them either. 

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Does anyone have any non-Rogers suggestions for good local ISP's?  I'm 
considering shopping around.

I've got sentex at my office at business rates (we use it for our voip 
and internet) plus a dry loop, and I pay $20 for a static IP - and have 
been there for many years.  And I use them at home as well.  I wanted to 
get another static IP at home so I could add a phone to our voip system 
- so my wife can still act as receptionist when she's at home.  Sentex 
wants to ding me $50 setup and another $20 a month for that second 
static IP.  I'm happy to pay enough to get the job done, but $500 a year 
for two static IP's, for a relatively low bandwidth user, well, I feel 
like I'm getting gouged.

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