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Charles M chaslinux at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 17:21:41 EST 2009

My understanding is that PowerPack is an add-on for Mandriva that includes
proprietary programs which wouldn't typically be available on the "Free"

A list of some of the software in PowerPack is available here:


Unfortunately Mandriva isn't very specific about all the software in
PowerPack, and I think this is why it may not get bought as much as they'd
like. For example, on the main site they describe it as being ideal for
Gamers, but they don't say whether it's because it comes with Wine or Cedega
(a commercial application). The other thing that makes it less attractive is
that some of the commercial applications that ARE listed are just trial
versions (which you could probably download anyway). I hate to slag a
distribution, but most of the stuff in powerpack (codecs, etc) are available
for free if you do a little digging and want to put in the effort.

If you like RPM-based distributions and want something specifically for
servers you might want to consider CentOS. CentOS is forked from the Red Hat
Enterprise stuff. What you get is essentially Red Hat Enterprise minus the
branding and some of the commercial applications.

The Mandriva Powerpack 2009 also includes 3 months of web support.

Some versions of the PowerPack also include a manual. The last time I bought
a boxed "Mandrake" Linux was back in the days of 7.1 and the manuals were

Charles McColm
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