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Mandriva Linux has a 50% off of their powerpack download, see offer 
below for those interested.

I use Mandriva, but I'm getting a bit lost now.  I use Mandriva on my 
web servers and my desktop, and it seems like they're almost forking 
between a desktop and server version.  Is anyone familiar enough with 
Mandriva these days to describe what distro from Mandriva one should be 
using on a web server vs. a desktop?  (or can I just use powerpack on 



For the next 10 days Mandriva is offering a 50 % discount on the new
Mandriva Powerpack download.

Beyond the features that contributed to the success of Mandriva Linux 2008
and Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring, Mandriva Linux 2009 integrates the latest
innovations, from office applications to the latest virtualization
Mandriva Linux 2009 gives you not only the most advanced and easy-to-use
Linux operating system on the market but also the latest software demanded
by the community.

The Mandriva Powerpack 2009 also includes 3 months of web support.

The offer is available up to March 7th only.

Click here for the offer:

To benefit from the special discount please enter the following promotion
code while subscribing: PCS-SP0209

The Mandriva Online Team

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