[kwlug-disc] Generating and using PGP keys

R. Brent Clements rbclemen at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 16:35:50 EST 2009

This conversation may have been had on this list once before, but I
don't seem to have that part of my old email anymore.

All this talk about security has made me start to rethink the way I
use my computers and the internet.  So I thought I should pay some
attention to the signatures that I do see on some of your emails from
time to time.

To that end, I have looked into GPG, and I can understand how it works
and why it works.  I was just wondering how everyone here uses it.

I have created a Master key using the tool in Ubuntu.  I understand
the signing process.  But I would like to know what more I should do,
and what I should bring with me when I get people to sign my key.

There is a lot of talk about subkeys and using my key to sign my own
additional keys.  So what do people suggest?  Should I have another
key that I get people to sign?  or get them to sign my master key?
should they be unrelated or connected in a sub-key relationship?

I have read the how-tos at the GPG website.  So I can do any of these
things.  I just wonder which I should do?

Then of course once I am ready I will be asking to all to sign it.
Should we maybe make an anouncement to that effect for the next
meeting so others can get it done too if need be?


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