[kwlug-disc] firewall question

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Tue Feb 17 17:51:36 EST 2009

> 3) You can swing a VPN into play -- take a close look at
> OpenVPN.  OpenVPN is UDP based, so it's very NAT
> friendly.  It is quite powerful, and potentially provides
> value in all kinds of circumstances, so I'd suspect that
> most geeks would get long term value out of learning it.

I guess we're supposed to wait until Richard observes that this would make a really good meeting topic before trying to find a victim to present it?

I personally would be interested in learning how to set it up easily and securely (and the considerations involved), as well as some of the things people do with it. 

We're using OpenVPN a little in our organization, but I still don't understand it very well. These days my default VPN is closed-source (but really easy to configure) Hamachi. 

- Paul

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