[kwlug-disc] Configuring a WinTV-HVR-1600

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Sat Feb 14 21:37:26 EST 2009

Raul Suarez wrote, On 02/14/2009 6:54 PM:
>> As a sanity check, if you plug analog cable into one of your TVs,
>> do you get the lower (analog) channels?
> Actually I started the other way around. In my den I have a TV
> without the cable box where I get the lower channels. That's the
> cable I plugged into my computer.
>> You said it scans and finds a bunch of channels. Can you list a
>> few?
>> From 1 to 60 something and then a few until 105

OK, this sounds good, and now I'm getting a little confused.

So (under Windows? i.e. sanity check software) the card finds the 
channels, but you don't see anything after the scan is complete and 
you select any of the channels? i.e. If you see channels, it sounds 
like everything is working. Purchase wise. If not, bad card? (As you 

It's only under Linux nothing is working?

>> Do you still want to record TV?
> That's the main idea.

I asked because it almost seemed at one point you were ready to say 
phooey on it all, and return the card. (Versus returning the card as 
just being bad.)

Are you content to only record OTA / FTA channels, analogue cable, 
and/or composite video in from another device (be it digital box, vcr, 
satellite box, or the what have you)? Or do you want digital TV 
(recorded on your 'analogue signal recording computer' via your HVR 
1600)? What medium would you like to record?

	- you're only going to get analogue TV on your analogue tuner 
connector. You've proven you have a good feed.
	- you're not going to get anything on your ATSC tuner connector 
except OTA / FTA, which means a dish, antenna, or some other 
doohickey. (One of the nice things about that web site I can't find is 
it lets you know what's receivable OTA in this area, etc.)

	- you're only to get in on your tuner's composite/s-video AND 
accompanying computer's audio connections, whatever you hook it up to, 
and only whatever that device is playing at the time. e.g. coming out 
of a roger's digital cable box.

		- you can play / test with this last if you, say, connect your cable 
to your den TV, and take s-video / composite outputs from the TV, or a 
VCR, into the card. i.e. Set up the conditions for you to know when 
you have success.

Do you have the IR blaster? Can I presume you have an audio card?

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