[kwlug-disc] Bandwidth aggregation

Rashkae rashkae at tigershaunt.com
Thu Feb 12 00:24:28 EST 2009

unsolicited wrote:

> I take it you have, or are arranging for, two providers each with static
> ips? (Same provider, twice, doesn't count. But in that case, it's
> usually cheaper, and much less aggravation, to acquire twice the speed -
> it should be cheaper than 2 x whatever you're paying now.)

I just can't get twice the 1mbps upload cap, no matter how much I beg
and throw tantrums.  However, opening two (or more) GRE tunnels to the
box sitting at packetworks and balancing the traffic between them, while
not exactly a multi-homed host, should let me nearly multiply that
upstream bandwidth however many times I want while adding a bit of
redundancy to this end as well.  'tis a idea I never even considered
before, but makes me feel all tingly.   I'm not even sure a static IP
would be required on the dsl ends?

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