[kwlug-disc] Rogers Bandwith Limit - Consequences of exceeding?

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Wed Feb 4 21:21:17 EST 2009

Andrew Kohlsmith (lists) wrote, On 02/04/2009 9:40 AM:
> On February 3, 2009 03:08:24 am Rick wrote:
>> Rashkae <rashkae at tigershaunt.com> writes:
>>> Considering how much more money they charge for the business accounts
>>> than residential.. this has to be tops for the most bizarre company
>>> policy ever.
>> Maybe if Rogers allowed business accounts in a residential area
>> then the bandwidth might get soaked up by business accounts.
> Actually, I just had a Rogers rep (claims he's a new regional manager, but has 
> no employees yet) come to my door two nights ago.  He claims that he can get 
> me commercial (18Mit, no throttling) service at my house, and also said that 
> two modems will let me aggregate my uplink (i.e. 2 modems = 2Mbit up).
> Maybe it's something they're "not allowed" to give you over the phone?


2 modems? On same cable? Interesting. Just goes to show (a) each modem
/ digital cable set top box is just a 'terminal' on their wires, (b)
capacity far exceeds bandwidth offered. They claim their HomePhone is
"not VoIP" - what they really mean is there's so much capacity they
can dedicate the necessary bandwidth for their VoIP to maintain call
quality without impacting internet and cable services travelling on
the same wires. So, they can shape your 'internet' VoIP while
maintaining their own call quality, and make their claims. <sigh> Net
Neutrality anyone?

I don't think you'd get 2 Mbps up though, 2 x 1 Mbps yes, but that's 
not exactly the same thing. I don't believe you can aggregate 
bandwidth across different mac addresses. (Even if you make one 
virtual mac address out of two physical mac addresses.)

Did they happen to mention a price for the commercial service?

Rogers usually has non-employee (commission?) sales reps out flogging.
Perhaps your newly minted regional sales manager isn't actually part
of Rogers (a 'reseller'?). My own past experience has been they can
promise things, but not necessarily deliver. And, if you know to ask
about it, the phone reps will provide.

There's just no way to know X is offered / available - only such reps
offer such possibilities - Rogers doesn't explicitly advertise
everything. Once you do know, frequently you can confirm by searching.
e.g. I couldn't find any mention of their referral program at the
time, but once I knew it existed I could search their knowledge base
and find references to it.

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