[kwlug-disc] Proposal for kwlug to meet at First United - Expected Text of coordinator's proposal to his committee

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Thu Dec 31 14:52:24 EST 2009

Dear kwlug:

Please find below a close to final draft of what the First United
coordinator would propose to his committee, in seeking approval for
kwlug to be granted the room(s) without cost. The text is tweakable,
if appropriate, as a result of kwlug meeting discussions.

If there is a consensus at the Jan. 4th meeting, the approving
committee meets next Wednesday (6th), and Mike will take it to them then.

Mike is more than happy to attend the Monday kwlug meeting to answer 
any questions if that would be useful. Or not, if people would feel 
more free to speak if he's not there. [He has not attended this year, 
only because of time conflicts.]

- ignore any reference to hardware. It is not a condition of being
granted the space. In principle, I have already addressed and solved
these hardware issues. The first and only point at the moment is: Does
kwlug want to take advantage of this free space, given the conditions
under which the use of the space was (will be) approved. (As shown below.)
- it is understood that new member time is not currently being
offered, probably for lack of attendance. (No point staffing something
when nobody shows up.) If we again offer 6:00 - 7:00 PM (or
presentation simultaneous) new member time, and nobody shows up,
there's no point to offering new member time. We continue using the
space, and the current no new member time status doesn't change.
- Mike will be the conduit for his new members. i.e. Until he's told
that a new member is interested, there is no need for new member time.
He is more than happy to be the only one present for that time unless 
and until sufficient numbers show up that he needs additional help.
- we had new member time. I presume there is a willingness to do so
again, if, and only if, there is a demonstrated need.
even then if there is no demand - kwlug would continue to operate as
it always has. Mike expects nothing to change during that time, and
perhaps never, and that's OK. kwlug would continue to be welcome to
use the space for free.

[ed. <text>] comments in the text below are mine.

Please feel free to comment or question anything herein in the list. I
wanted to get this text out as soon as I could so there are no 
surprises Monday.

(Remember - these are his word to his people, explaining what the heck 
a 'kwlug' is.)

Outreach Proposal: KWLUG

KWLUG is a linux advocacy group. They also are a strong supporter of
open-source software. They cannot meet at present at the working 
centre or the Huether hotel. They need a new home.

The Working Centre, having completed its renovation to their two Queen
St. buildings, introduced a public retail cafe immediately adjacent to 
their meeting space (no wall between), presumably in an attempt to 
defray some costs. The noise resulting from this newly introduced 
commercial activity had a drastic impact upon KWLUG meetings - it 
became significantly difficult to hear speakers.

Prior to November 2009, meetings were held and the Huether patronized
- the weather permitted outside patio use. In December, we learned 
that the November meeting patronage levels were insufficient. At the 
December meeting, KWLUG was unexpectedly denied its usual meeting 
space, at arrival. At that time, speaking to a different Huether 
representative, we learned that, the required patronage ratio was more 
like 90%.

- Computer education, introduce people to Linux and open source.
- Help with computers. All need computer skills today, we can be 
offering it to the community at large, the congregation, etc. [ed. 
What is a presentation, if not computer help?]
- No fees are collected, etc.

A basic premise of KWLUG is free to one and all - there are no
membership fees, or, indeed, any monetary costs at all, to participate.

This is why I'm proposing allowing them to meet here as an outreach
project, so that they could continue to be no cost to either attend or 
meet for their membership.

*Responsible person(s)*: Mike S., Bill S. [ed. Responsible to the 
church, that is. Access, etc. Note - Bill S. is not a member of the 
church, FWIW. My passion here is for KWLUG, not the church. There is 
no conflict of interest.]

*Meeting space requirements*: First non-holiday Monday of the month: 
6-7 pm newbies, 7-9pm. Space preferred - parlour, but if other rooms 
available, could move to other rooms. Access to internet, via router. 
- dedicated box, only on when meeting, stored on the church premises. 
Possible need for drop in parlour – need to find that out.

*Advantages to the church:*
- Having a dedicated box, with a router, could be a value added 
option; we can offer our internet access to other groups in the building.
- Having computer expertise available, would hopefully provide a 
needed service to our congregation. [ed. i.e. kwlug expertise, being 
familiar with the location, perhaps 1 or 2 of them might be willing to 
help out at a church function. Certainly I myself would - I would 
anyways. Note: 'congregation' here means church event, not every 
congregation member who has a virus problem. It is understood, and 
Mike agrees - someone coming to the lug with a virus problem would 
likely be shown the door, and that's OK (with everyone, including 
Mike). No hard feelings. Bye now.]
- Computer education is important.
- Open source software works like the paid version (sic), but is 
significantly cheaper. Low (zero) cost of entry means everyone is able 
to take advantage of it.
- Frequently, having a simple question answered, by others who have 
'been there, done that' is all that is needed to be 'away to the 
races.' To date, the problem has been: Who to ask? kwlug is such a 
mentoring and support presence in our community, and needs a home. 
[ed. It is understood that we are a Linux group, and don't 'Do 
Computer 101'.]

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