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> From: "Insurance Squared Inc." <gcooke at insurancesquared.com>
> The older I get and the more business experience I get, the more 
> likely I am to consult a lawyer.  I used to be of the attitude that 
> I should be able to read and understand agreements and I do still 
> read them.  But the lawyer's going to tell my legal stuff that 
> extend beyond the agreement.  For example, you and I sign an 
> agreement that says you can't work in training after you leave my 
> employment.  We can both agree to it - but a lawyer will tell you 
> it's unenforceable.  That's not in the agreement but is relevant to 
> it.  It's the entire legal environment that comes in to play. 

I agree with Glen on this one. There is a trend that I'm seeing with 
lawyers, at lest ours, where they are writing things in English. Our 
employment agreement which includes an NDA, and non-compete and 
non-solicit, etc is long but human readable.

Our lawyers produce legal documents that are concise and include relevant 
points that I (or we) didn't think of. I can't write them as concise and 
so mine would actually be less understandable.

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