[kwlug-disc] What does kwlug.org mean to you? (Was Re: why not pick a kwlug project for the web site?)

Khalid Baheyeldin kb at 2bits.com
Wed Dec 30 21:36:48 EST 2009

> With regard to the library (FYI/FWIW:
> - before it's given away, perhaps the donators should be consulted. After
> all, they specifically donated it to kwlug.
> - Charles has explicitly stated in the past - if someone would like a
> particular book in the library, post to the list and he'll try to bring it
> to the next meeting for you. He's also indicated that everyone is more than
> welcome to stop by the Working Centre at any time to pick up a library book.
> i.e. Even though the entire library can't be carted around to every meeting,
> it is accessible and available to all - if a bit awkwardly at the moment.
> - there has been some discussion in the past regarding getting the list of
> books up on kwlug.org since the last site revamp. There doesn't appear to
> be any drupal add-on of decent functionality, let alone presently being
> maintained. (Last time I looked. I think, at least, Charles, Khalid, and I
> all looked. There were probably others.) There are other sites, such as
> librarything.com - although they appear to have some really cool
> functionality with regard to books and collections (e.g. ISBN lookup),
> nothing I came across added the library elements of lending.  If someone
> knows of something good, do please post.

Now that I think about it some more, a combination of CCK and Views should
get us a nice list of books. ISBN would be one CCK field and hence will be
searchable. Adding a taxonomy for topics will also make them browsable by
things like linux, languages, system administration, ....etc. It does not
have to be on kwlug.org, can be on a subdomain (library.kwlug.org).

This does not get us who has borrowed what, if we ever care about this. A
simple pen and paper sheet or even Google Document spreadsheet can do that.
There is also a Drupal based Google Spreadsheet like module now
http://drupal.org/project/sheetnode but I have not used it first hand.
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