[kwlug-disc] Presentation on "How to give a good presentation"

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Mon Dec 28 03:34:49 EST 2009

unsolicited asked about a presentation of how to give a good presentation.

In November 2004, KWLUG had guest presenter Emma Jane Hogbin give us
her super presentation "Keeping the Hecklers at Bay"  The slides from
this talk are here.


The slides are really good.  The presentation was better.  The key
point that stuck for me was "Tell a story".

Would KWLUG like another presentation on the same topic?  I know that
we have some new faces since 2004.

On one hand the topic is outside the mandate of KWLUG as it isn't a
F/LOSS topic.  It is also a topic that is of likely interest to a
limited portion of KWLUG attendees, those who present or consider

On the other hand it is a topic that is appealing to a wider group of
attendees as the topic need not limit to F/LOSS.  Perhaps we can use
this as an excuse to set up a presentation outside of our regular (and
full) schedule, and to reach out to other local groups?

I volunteer to coordinate this topic as a KWLUG presentation or
otherwise.  I have many ideas for great presenters and perspectives on
the topic.  Perhaps we could look at it as a workshop or a series of

So.  Please use this thread to indicate interest in having a
presentation on this topic and specifically having it as a regular
KWLUG talk or outside talk.

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