[kwlug-disc] why not pick a kwlug project for the web site?

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Sun Dec 27 17:29:52 EST 2009

Actually ... doesn't this really mirror the earlier suggestion of a 
kwlug wiki - which would allow all such content (below)?

i.e. the content <-> infrastructure chicken and egg that's been going 
around in circles here.

The circle, I suspect, a reflection of the 'awkwardness' of the 
kwlug.org drupal setup?

unsolicited wrote, On 12/27/2009 5:19 PM:
> Robert P. J. Day wrote, On 12/27/2009 3:21 AM:
>>   here's one that i think would have some value -- recommended open
>> source alternatives to standard MS apps.  i've seen a number of those
>> lists over the years, and most of them suffer from a couple major
>> flaws:
>>   * out-of-date
>>   * trying to list every possible alternative to a windows app, as
>>     opposed to just the one or two that are worth knowing
>>   a web page like that would be trivially easy to start -- for IE,
>> there's firefox.  for MS office, there's openoffice.  those are the
>> no-brainers.  but keep going.  i think a list like that that's kept
>> current would have *immense* value, and would quickly attract a
>> readership from all over.
>>   thoughts?  surely there's enough brainpower in the LUG for a project
>> like that.
> Agreed, but, there are too many similar lists out there to be worth 
> duplicating. I do agree kwlug.org pointing to a favourite one would be a 
> useful link to have present. Perhaps under a 'kwlug Favourite Resource 
> Links - Migrating' page.
> I don't disagree with your premises. However, there is far more out 
> there, I think, than we can cover. Yes, we are a rich and diverse group, 
> but I doubt we cover every possible category out there with personal 
> favourites. If the solution seeker can not find the sum total of such 
> recommendations in one spot, then we are contributing to the issues you 
> mention, not solving them. Anybody here really know ERP? CAD? 
> Numismatics? SAP? Actuary/Statistical?
> Is there not a principle of fixing what's out there (contributing to 
> maintenance, updating, etc.) rather than forking or reinventing the wheel?
> Listing every possible alternative is, to me, a feature. It let's me 
> cross reference something I'm familiar with back to the best of breed 
> Linux / FOSS alternative. Rather than just a category, e.g. Internet 
> Browser. As soon as you get into e-mail / contact management / sales 
> management / customer resource management / enterprise resource 
> management / PIM, all categories get really fuzzy. For example, most, I 
> believe, outlook users only use it for e-mail, ignoring the task 
> management and calendar aspects. If you're in an enterprise, you get 
> into shared calendars, public folders, and other groupware. It gets 
> really iffy as to where you should (not) cross-reference something. So, 
> if a user can think about how they use outlook, and outlook is 
> referenced multiple times, they can narrow down on a suitable 
> alternative, for them, more easily.
> I take your beginning point - you would like to drive traffic to 
> kwlug.org. You would like it to provide a service to the community - be 
> it internet, local K-W, or any other tag someone comes up with.
> Perhaps we can start with a premise / question: What is unique, or can 
> kwlug uniquely do?
>     At the least, be a hub of Linux/FOSS info. in the k-w community, 
> with an emphasis on common usage in the area. e.g. Links to Russian or 
> French translations of local k-w community historic site plaques would 
> be out, as I expect we don't have too significant a Russian or French 
> population here.
>     Oktoberfest is obvious, but is probably much better done elsewhere 
> on the web. We're the RIM/Blackberry center of the world, but again, 
> probably much better done elsewhere. UofW, Laurier, Conestoga, would 
> seem to be similar.
> - a pointer to Linux Blackberry <whatever that was> makes eminent sense, 
> coming from our own area / kwlug members.
> - a pointer to the Linux / Working Centre services / facilities makes 
> sense.
> - local Linux/FOSS shops / consultants / etc. makes sense.
> - friends of kwlug page? e.g. site sponsors?
> - kwlug is friends with page? e.g. onlinux?
> - given your windows -> FOSS premise, what FOSS resources are in the K-W 
> area that Windows users can take advantage of?
> Who can we be a resource for?
> What traffic do we want to drive to us?
> Anyone notice there is no kwlug page on wikipedia?

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