[kwlug-disc] why not pick a kwlug project for the web site?

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Sun Dec 27 17:19:04 EST 2009

Robert P. J. Day wrote, On 12/27/2009 3:21 AM:
>   here's one that i think would have some value -- recommended open
> source alternatives to standard MS apps.  i've seen a number of those
> lists over the years, and most of them suffer from a couple major
> flaws:
>   * out-of-date
>   * trying to list every possible alternative to a windows app, as
>     opposed to just the one or two that are worth knowing
>   a web page like that would be trivially easy to start -- for IE,
> there's firefox.  for MS office, there's openoffice.  those are the
> no-brainers.  but keep going.  i think a list like that that's kept
> current would have *immense* value, and would quickly attract a
> readership from all over.
>   thoughts?  surely there's enough brainpower in the LUG for a project
> like that.

Agreed, but, there are too many similar lists out there to be worth 
duplicating. I do agree kwlug.org pointing to a favourite one would be 
a useful link to have present. Perhaps under a 'kwlug Favourite 
Resource Links - Migrating' page.

I don't disagree with your premises. However, there is far more out 
there, I think, than we can cover. Yes, we are a rich and diverse 
group, but I doubt we cover every possible category out there with 
personal favourites. If the solution seeker can not find the sum total 
of such recommendations in one spot, then we are contributing to the 
issues you mention, not solving them. Anybody here really know ERP? 
CAD? Numismatics? SAP? Actuary/Statistical?

Is there not a principle of fixing what's out there (contributing to 
maintenance, updating, etc.) rather than forking or reinventing the wheel?

Listing every possible alternative is, to me, a feature. It let's me 
cross reference something I'm familiar with back to the best of breed 
Linux / FOSS alternative. Rather than just a category, e.g. Internet 
Browser. As soon as you get into e-mail / contact management / sales 
management / customer resource management / enterprise resource 
management / PIM, all categories get really fuzzy. For example, most, 
I believe, outlook users only use it for e-mail, ignoring the task 
management and calendar aspects. If you're in an enterprise, you get 
into shared calendars, public folders, and other groupware. It gets 
really iffy as to where you should (not) cross-reference something. 
So, if a user can think about how they use outlook, and outlook is 
referenced multiple times, they can narrow down on a suitable 
alternative, for them, more easily.

I take your beginning point - you would like to drive traffic to 
kwlug.org. You would like it to provide a service to the community - 
be it internet, local K-W, or any other tag someone comes up with.

Perhaps we can start with a premise / question: What is unique, or can 
kwlug uniquely do?

	At the least, be a hub of Linux/FOSS info. in the k-w community, with 
an emphasis on common usage in the area. e.g. Links to Russian or 
French translations of local k-w community historic site plaques would 
be out, as I expect we don't have too significant a Russian or French 
population here.

	Oktoberfest is obvious, but is probably much better done elsewhere on 
the web. We're the RIM/Blackberry center of the world, but again, 
probably much better done elsewhere. UofW, Laurier, Conestoga, would 
seem to be similar.

- a pointer to Linux Blackberry <whatever that was> makes eminent 
sense, coming from our own area / kwlug members.
- a pointer to the Linux / Working Centre services / facilities makes 
- local Linux/FOSS shops / consultants / etc. makes sense.
- friends of kwlug page? e.g. site sponsors?
- kwlug is friends with page? e.g. onlinux?
- given your windows -> FOSS premise, what FOSS resources are in the 
K-W area that Windows users can take advantage of?

Who can we be a resource for?

What traffic do we want to drive to us?

Anyone notice there is no kwlug page on wikipedia?

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