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Raul Suarez rarsa at yahoo.com
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I just had a look at the Waterloo Region District School Board (henceforth WRDSB).


Their policies seem to be quite nice:

They rent from rooms to Gyms to the whole school for very reasonable rates, they sure have a lot of locations.

Here is the example they have on their website:

Here's an example of a rental for a weekday sports group:
20 adults playing volleyball from 8:45p.m. to 10:45p.m. in a single gym on Wednesdays
Rental Charge for one night - 2 hours @ $7.80/hour = $15.60
September to April - 24 nights @ $15.60/night = $374.40
Plus 6% G.S.T. =. 22.46
Liability insurance =$90.00
8% P.S.T. =.7.20
Total rental = $494.06 for season
Cost per person = $24.71 for season
Cost per person = $1.03 for one night

Using the same example for the KWLUG meetings using the rates for meetings:

One room or seminar room once a month, 40 people, from 6:30 to 9:30 (To allow for pre-meeting mingling/ setup and post-meeting chit-chat/tear down), Paying the insurance premium directly to the board:

Rental 3 hours at $3.60/hr  = $10.80
For 12 months = $129.00
Plus 6% G.S.T = $7.76
Liability Insurance for the year = $ 7.50
8% P.S.T = $ 0.60
If there is a custodian on shift and no cleanup required = $0
Total Rental if no custodian required = 144.86

If there is no custodian on shift or if cleanup is required= $35 per month = $420.00
Total Rental if custodian required (Worst case scenario) = $564.86

"A Board employee familiar with all emergency and security procedures MUST be on site for the duration of all activities.
Custodial charges include time for setup, event, cleanup and security check. No custodial charges apply weekdays if a regular custodial shift is in place and no additional cleanup is required."

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