[kwlug-disc] Meeting space - Summarizing and taking action

Raul Suarez rarsa at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 26 22:36:53 EST 2009

As Paul has indicated, we have a location for January, February and March at St Johns Kitchen. We'll see if it works for the KWLUG as it seems one of the best free alternatives. Bill (undisclosed) has also approached First united and is waiting for a response.

>From the thread I'm also collecting a list of possible location alternatives -with pros and cons- and potential contributors for rental locations if required. If there are more names for either, I will keep adding them.

This really means that I don't see anything to worry about regarding finding a suitable space.

As a proactive measure I'm starting to email the potential rental locations just to get the details on the availability, conditions and cost so, If need be, we have enough elements to make a decision.

I am using the following template email, If you see anything that can be improved on the email (including wording, format or content), or if you think we should ask additional questions please let me know:


I am a member of a local computer community group called KWLUG (Kitchener/waterloo Linux users group) www.kwlug.org

are exploring alternatives for a regular meeting place as we outgrew
our previous regular location at the Queen street working centre.

meetings currently run  from 7:00 to 9:00 the first non-holiday Monday
of every month. The meetings consists on Presentations by members or
invited speakers.

We have an average attendance of 25 members
but some months we may have around 40 as we are welcoming to anyone
that wants to attend i.e. we don't have a closed membership.

Is it possible to rent a room at <insert location> with such regularity paying in advance at the start of the year?

Is the rate negotiable based on a longer term agreement and/or considering that we are a community group?


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