[kwlug-disc] What would people like to do, under the auspices of kwlug?

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Fri Dec 25 17:11:11 EST 2009

On Mon, Dec 21, 2009 at 5:55 PM, unsolicited <unsolicited at swiz.ca> wrote:
> Let me try approaching some of the recent list threads from a different
> direction.
> There are things I would be interested in seeing happen.

1) Start them.
2) Talk about them.
3) Provide a way for others to participate even if it is only an email
thread, wiki or something.

I <thunk> you are on to something.   ;-)

> They are things that are too big for me to do on my own as an individual.
> They are things that don't require the entirety of kwlug.
> There seems to be no middle ground. There is no mechanism to group a subset
> of the entire group around a common effort. er, kwlug contains a group of
> likely interested individuals, some of whom might be interested in
> collaborating in the accomplishment of a <thunk>.

Like what?  Like start an awesome regional FLOSS conference with a
couple of friends and a head full of dreams?  What mechanism is
required?  Really.  1,2,3 as above.

> The <thunk>, in essence, would be accomplished in the name of, or under the
> auspices of, kwlug.

Why?  Is <thunk> not worthy of attention without some sort of
supplemental authority?

> What might people like to see happen, under the auspices of kwlug?
> Some examples might be, but I'm far more interested in what individuals
> might be interested in doing:
> - installfest

Several folks from KWLUG have hosted installfests over time.  There
were annual 'fests at UW/CSC, no?  A LUG is helpful but not required.

> - launch party

Eric(?) did this.  The Fedora folks do launches at Seneca/York periodically.

> - workshops

Lori and Rob have done this at OLF and elsewhere.

> - how to host a meeting

Sorry, what?  As a meeting topic?  How "meta".

> - how to present

KLWUG had a presentation on giving presentations in November 2004.
What?  Want it again?  ;-)  We can do this.

> - since multiple rooms at 1st are available, splitting the latter half of a
> meeting into two parts between (advanced) presentation topic and <thunk>

No.  Build your own <thunk>.  Don't dilute the KWLUG meetings.

> - community project (do a website for a charitable organization?)

No.  Volunteers make bad web sites.  The charity/non-profit will be
better served by a professional.  Really.  Find interested
professionals at Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto or similar.
Their goal is to work with non-profits.

> - community project (a la FOSS / with a [subversion?] repository) -
> contribute code somewhere or to something.

Name one.  Join the existing project.  If no similar project exists,
see 1,2,3 above.

> - I have no idea, I'm making this list up to solicit your ideas & thoughts.

What is that thing when you are fishing in a small boat, but you
aren't using the main engine?  What is that called again?  It's right
on the tip of my tongue...  Ah! -->  http://ow.ly/PEJ5

> It seems to me there is no mechanism or facilities to gather interested
> members of kwlug into a smaller collaborative effort.
> What would it take to create a kwlug egroupware site, or something, to
> promote such collaborations?

You'll spend $FOREVER messing with the settings in $GROUPWARE

> More importantly - what might people like to collaborate on?

THIS is your problem.  On what do YOU want to spend your free time?
Do it, then talk about it.  And see 1,2,3 above.

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