[kwlug-disc] the value of twitter: part deux

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Wed Dec 23 18:38:38 EST 2009

  in case you're still not clued in to the value of twitter, i have a
good friend, cheryl mckinnon, who gave a talk on open source ECM at
the last ontario linux fest.  she got her current job as WORLDWIDE
CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER for a european ECM company pretty much through
twitter.  she spends a lot of time in boston.  she flies to paris on

  she's a social media expert.  she's on twitter.  she has almost 1800


she got her current job without ever having to produce a resume.  she
has a personal blog -- http://candyandaspirin.blogspot.com/ -- which
has links to her twitter account and her linkedin profile.

  she has a company blog:  http://blogs.nuxeo.com/cmckinnon/.  and if
you go to that page and look down her "recent posts", you'll see where
she blogs about her talk at OLF.  so people from all over the world
who follow her now know that she spoke at OLF.  (and there was enough
positive feedback for her talk at OLF that she thinks she's going to
recommend that her new company be a sponsor of OLF next year.)

  she will never have to produce another resume for anyone for the
rest of her life.  cheryl understands social media.  and that's why
she has a job that will let her spend new year's eve in paris.

  if you don't understand social media, you might want to look into


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