[kwlug-disc] ?: What is twitter / twitting?

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Wed Dec 23 17:20:14 EST 2009

Don't mean to take away from the other thread, where the desire for 
twitter seems evident, it's just the kwlug mechanics being sorted out.

I know nothing of Twitter.

My impression is that it is an IM broadcast (one listens to a stream 
of traffic - doesn't mean there are cars in that lane nose to nose).

Which is to say, a play by play, blow by blow, <thunk>.

Most of the time I don't care - tell me when it's over and what you 
figured out.

Take the news, of a lost child, in another part of the country - don't 
spend time telling me the story of every shrubbery that got searched, 
tell me when the situation is resolved, and then what happened. 
(Perhaps an extreme example.)

I get announcements, but I get same in a timely manner by other means, 
e.g. e-mail. I don't need them on the fly when I'm out and about.

Am I understanding the phenomena correctly?

Is twitter for me?

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