[kwlug-disc] Twitter and Identi.ca

Eric Gerlach eric+kwlug at gerlach.ca
Wed Dec 23 13:32:58 EST 2009

I swear by twirssi (http://twirssi.com/), but I already use IRC, and I want my
whole online life to fit in screen.



On Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 09:16:52AM -0500, Chris Irwin wrote:
> Since there seems to be a few Twits on the list, I figured I would
> inquire regarding tweet-following methods. (The folks who made twitter
> must have been fans of Monty Python).
> Does everybody use the twitter and identi.ca web interfaces? Do you
> use a desktop program? If you use both services, how do you manage
> updates?
> I ask because while I use both of these micro-blog services, I don't
> really get much advantage from them yet. I'm currently using "gwibber"
> to read updates, and post using yet another service ("ping.fm") over
> jabber. The whole situation currently feels like I'm getting
> intermittent status updates on people's pets and meals using
> TCP-over-deck-of-cards. Has anybody else had better experiences? Or
> maybe a better workflow?
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