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Sun Dec 20 18:11:00 EST 2009

Raul Suarez wrote, On 12/20/2009 8:02 AM:
> Meeting in a church:
> This is where things get icky. I can only speak for my self:
> We are an inclusive group. Churches, by definition, are exclusive.

I don't think such an over-generalization is accurate.

We are inclusive, as long as you are willing to consider running OUR 
operating system? Wait, hold on, doesn't that mean we are exclusive?

Have I not seen Linux (Macs?) characterized as akin to religious fervour?

If they can tolerate us, we can tolerate them. Us not being exclusive 
or limited in our tolerance. I assure you you will have no issues with 
them. Regardless of who you are or what your own experience has been, 
I'm more than comfortable and confident in stating such an assurance.

> I don't think this is a good topic for email.

I know what you mean, and I can appreciate where you're coming from.

I've also seen recommendations that all group discussions should be 
free and open and frank and public.

Nothing behind closed doors, no secret few making decisions for the 
whole, no whispers in the dark by some feeling imposed upon by the 
rest. No few coming out with a fait accompli.

So let's keep it public.

 > Actually I don't
> think its a good topic for discussion as religious people cannot
> understand non-religious people and vice versa.

Now there's a whopping overstatement, over-characterization, and 

Let's just pretend you didn't say that. By that measure, for example, 
Manulife couldn't sustain a building full of employees during a shift.

I have no reason to believe , and my own experience tells me, that any 
fear of 'religious people' at this location is groundless.

 > I don't think we
> should mix this topic with the LUG.

The topics are not and will not be mixed - it's a building, with some 
spare space. Full stop.

No voice should be muffled. (I know, you don't mean to say that it 
should be.)

I agree that this is a kwlug list, that is the topic, not religion. 
And a religious only based thread is to be shunned.

> I'd say thank you, but I'd be uncomfortable.

I don't expect that to be the case - I certainly wouldn't have 
investigated the location if I thought such might even remotely be 

If the decision is to have meetings here, may I please have the 
opportunity to make you comfortable, and see that you are comfortable?

If you are uncomfortable, I will be first in line to remove that 
source of discomfort, and if I can't, first in line to say we are in 
the wrong place and we need to go elsewhere.

Having said that, yes, there is a hymnal (music) on at least one 
bookshelf, and at least one of the windows has stained glass in it 
(not where we would probably be). If the mere presence of such, just 
lying there, is sufficiently uncomfortable for a sufficient number of 
people, we shouldn't consider the location.

But, they host the homeless (as does St. John's), or cubs, or teas, as 
well, at other times. If such can tolerate the location, I believe 
kwlug can too.

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