[kwlug-disc] Meeting Audio System - Renting? [Was Re: New locations brainstorming]

R. Brent Clements rbclemen at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 21:16:13 EST 2009

I assume that we want to amplify one or more microphones plus possibly
the output from a computer or other source over two speakers for a
crowd of less than 100 people.  Renting a basic PA for that would be
no more than $40 a day.  Monthly would be around $200 (based on my
usual source).  Could be as low as $150.  This would be a mono, two
speaker system.  It would be more than enough sound for us.  It can
mix 5 differnet sources, can provide direct output for

Doing a monthly rental for one night is a bit excessive.  And at 4
months @ 200 bucks each you can buy something that would service our
needs and then some.  I don't have a PA.

On top of that you would need mics and some cabling.  The mics are 7
dollars to rent for a day (for a good one) or less than 40 to buy (for
an ok one)  Mic cables are around 15 each for a reasonable length.  I
should also mention that I have all this stuff and the LUG is more
than welcome to use it--assuming on the few meetings that I can't make
it someone can pick it up from me.

Wireless mics are also an option, from 35 a day for the clumsy ones to
70 for the nice unintrusive ones.

I would recommend that any purchases wait til february.  At least one
pro-audio store does a yearly liquidation of stock and rental
equipment and we could potentially get a good deal.  Or, more likely,
I will score something and then the LUG would be able to use it (as
long as some arrangements can be made for transportation).  I should
point out that I live less than 300m from 97 Victoria St N.  (We are
talking about more than an armload, tho...)

Some general info about using a PA:  elevating the speakers is a must
to distribute the sound.  You don't want it absorbed by the bodies in
the front row.  Unobstructed path to the ear will be the most audible
(the rental above would include speaker stands).  If there is a source
of noise, then orient the presentation (and the speakers) to point
away from it.  The speakers will mask some of the background noise,
and the source of the noise won't be inclined to increase to
compensate for the "noise" we are generating.  Also, if their sound
and our sound are directed at eachother, you just have a bunch of
noise in the middle.  Feedback shouldn't be a big concern if the
presenter sits behind the speakers.

I could arrange a one-night rental for the Jan meeting.  Ideally

On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 7:10 PM, unsolicited <unsolicited at swiz.ca> wrote:
> Richard Weait wrote, On 12/16/2009 7:46 PM:
>> Paul, would it be possible to store a sound system at 97 Victoria if
>> we purchase it?
> Hopefully Brent will be able to speak to this - both from a viability
> and a cost perspective.
> Is renting a viable option? If I remember correctly, renting is
> substantially cheaper than purchase - you can get what you need rather
> than just what you can afford, and presumably if something breaks they
> hand you a different one. Long term, no doubt, you pay more, but
> perhaps not if your needs are evolving. e.g. wireless / lapel mics,
> electronic capture, mixing, ???
> Renting doesn't necessarily mean fetching and returning each month if
> the rental period is long enough. There would be a need for an initial
> fetch, and presumably an eventual return, but I expect one of each is
> manageable.
> To Richard's point, a place to store it would be needed.
> Is this something we could cost-share somehow? Be it Working Centre,
> St. John's, onlinux, ??? The facility could be the caretaker / storage
> depot, making the equipment available for use / cost-sharing by those
> who use the space?
> Unless the location already has such equipment, of course, or we don't
> need it. If we go back to the working centre, a bullhorn would be
> useful, but probably not, hopefully not, elsewhere.
> Course, the first thing we need is a list of equipment we would want.
> Perhaps distinguishing between required, desired, wish list, and future?
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