[kwlug-disc] Meeting Audio System - Renting? [Was Re: New locations brainstorming]

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Thu Dec 17 19:10:42 EST 2009

Richard Weait wrote, On 12/16/2009 7:46 PM:
> Paul, would it be possible to store a sound system at 97 Victoria if
> we purchase it?

Hopefully Brent will be able to speak to this - both from a viability
and a cost perspective.

Is renting a viable option? If I remember correctly, renting is
substantially cheaper than purchase - you can get what you need rather
than just what you can afford, and presumably if something breaks they
hand you a different one. Long term, no doubt, you pay more, but
perhaps not if your needs are evolving. e.g. wireless / lapel mics,
electronic capture, mixing, ???

Renting doesn't necessarily mean fetching and returning each month if
the rental period is long enough. There would be a need for an initial
fetch, and presumably an eventual return, but I expect one of each is

To Richard's point, a place to store it would be needed.

Is this something we could cost-share somehow? Be it Working Centre,
St. John's, onlinux, ??? The facility could be the caretaker / storage
depot, making the equipment available for use / cost-sharing by those
who use the space?

Unless the location already has such equipment, of course, or we don't
need it. If we go back to the working centre, a bullhorn would be
useful, but probably not, hopefully not, elsewhere.

Course, the first thing we need is a list of equipment we would want.
Perhaps distinguishing between required, desired, wish list, and future?

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