[kwlug-disc] New locations brainstorming

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Thu Dec 17 19:02:36 EST 2009

Paul Nijjar wrote, On 12/17/2009 3:01 PM:
> I do want to emphasize that I am not trying to shut down the
> discussion around future meeting spaces -- even for January.

I, for one, realize and appreciate that Paul. You've got us a rock, 
solid, place to be, if only as a fallback should a miracle not happen 
and a different place not appear. Thank you.

I, apparently like others on the list, think we should give up on any 
other venue than yours, for January. Just not for February, and March, 
yet. I think time of year, season and family distraction, holiday 
space competition, and just simply negotiation / arrangement / 
coordination time requirements, make a new venue by Jan. 4 not 
worthwhile. Particularly if some poorly executed massive scramble has 
to take place. And, if memory serves, Jan. meetings have the lowest 
turnout in the year, or 2nd lowest, against summer.

You have indicated this venue can be a backup / if nothing else pans 
out location, so let's use it at least once to provide a baseline 
against which other candidates can be compared.

	I agree we can't have a different location every month. But I think 
it reasonable to roll with at least 2 - St. John's for a baseline, and 
any well received candidate that surfaces in time for Feb.

The only other location we could nail as quickly is to go back to the 
Huether, but nobody has stepped up to approach them. Heck, I have no 
solid sense from the list that they even want to go back to the Huether.

	I am told, paraphrasing, that the Huether would expect, say, 90% of 
attendees to drop some coin on them after the meeting. An expectation 
we evidently can't (not just don't, or won't) rise to.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm also getting a sense that food / 
facilities on meeting site isn't particularly important to attendees 
that frequent the list. I suspect people are going to go elsewhere, 
regardless of facilities present, for a beer, a bite, and gossip. [vs. 
staying on site, food or no, in several small huddles around laptops, 
mentoring victims.]

	A consensus, either way, would be useful to qualify potential 
alternate locations.

	Also useful would be a consensus as to whether or not an after (or 
before) meeting 'help your neighbour' gabfest is desired. (So we know 
what to tell potential sponsors - 2 hours or 3, and 6 - 9, 7 - 10, 7 - 
9, 6 - 10?)

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