[kwlug-disc] android phone, anyone?

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Thu Dec 17 18:54:18 EST 2009

Apparently vendor-locked sim card phones are just that:  vendor
locked.  The phone itself is not willing to play nice with foreign
networks, regardless of the info on the card.   Heard a bell rep tell
a customer that at the cost of a sale.  For the few GSM capable phones
bell sells you seem to need to get the card thru them

On 12/17/09, unsolicited <unsolicited at swiz.ca> wrote:
> Robert P. J. Day wrote, On 12/17/2009 1:58 PM:
>>   seriously contemplating an android phone and since i have a fido
>> plan for my current nokia, i was thinking i'd stick with either rogers
>> or fido and go with an HTC dream.
>>   as i was chatting with the wireless wave guy at the mall just now,
>> he *strongly* recommended bell and a samsung galaxy for a couple
>> reasons:
> A buddy of mine will never buy another Samsung phone. I suspect,
> however, he's mostly whining because of the proprietary charger
> connection. If you stick with a usb charging port, you should be good.
> Sticking with rogers/fido is good. Drop your phone, slap your sim card
> into another (even a WalMart special), and get on with your day. Or
> just keep your old phone around for backup. Dropped mine in the drink
> one day while on vacation, popped into WalMart, got on with the rest
> of the vacation.
> Rogers Pay As You Go - $8 1/3 / month.
> i.e. As well, just want to play, test, investigate - get a 2nd SIM
> card. Stick it into the USB stick for your laptop, or something. Or,
> if laptopping, call forward your current number to the other, put your
> current sim into the laptop (take advantage of your plan minutes,
> etc.), and the spare into the phone - maintain your ability to
> make/receive calls while the laptop is on the net.
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