[kwlug-disc] New locations brainstorming

Adam Glauser adamglauser at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 09:55:54 EST 2009

Paul Nijjar wrote:
> In other news, I have clearance to use St. John's Kitchen (97 Victoria
> St, at Weber) for January and potentially longer.

Great!  Thanks Paul.

> - For security reasons we can't leave the entrance open all evening.
>   Probably we would close it up at 7:15pm or so. 

I know that I don't always make it on time.  I think we should have a 
plan to make sure that latecomers don't get shut out.  I would be happy 
to be doorman for a little while after 7:15 if it will make a 
difference, or maybe we could post a sign by the doorbell to ring for KWLUG?

> Let me know your preferences for January. I have heard of no other
> concrete locations for January, although I know people are looking
> pretty hard. 

I agree that we should try this location for a while.  Jan-Mar is 
probably a good stress test for the parking convenience.  I know I won't 
be as likely to bike as I would be in other months.

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