[kwlug-disc] Desired Meeting Location Characteristics [Was Re: New locations brainstorming]

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Wed Dec 16 21:30:11 EST 2009

Raul Suarez wrote, On 12/16/2009 8:50 PM:
> --- On Wed, 12/16/09, unsolicited <unsolicited at swiz.ca> wrote:
>> What did I get wrong above? What did I miss?
> I'll start with this
>> And kwlug will have to change to some extent.
> I don't know why the search for a space has to turn to an
> existential discussion.

Because we have to be able to explain to potential facilities what we 
need and why they should sponsor us space for free. And if their goals 
aren't completely encompassed by what we do, be able to present the 
requisite extras to the kwlug group for approval. e.g. for the 
Huether, presumably, it was that we spend some amount of money 
afterwards, and, in hindsight, that they have no projector so we 
needed to make alternate arrangements.

> I like breaking things when I know I can put them back together or
> go by without them.

Not sure what you're saying here, if it's not that kwlug would never 
strictly adhere to any particular format - which I would agree with.

> In this case I don't think it's worth fixing something that's not
> broken.

But it is broken, or we wouldn't be searching for a new location.

> The tricks/tips/show and tell, is currently happening before,
> during and after every meeting.

I agree and fair enough. I guess I just didn't think of it that way / 
label it.

>> We also need to know what sort of meeting space we'd like to see.
>> Which is what I'd like to open for discussion in this thread.
> I'm with you on this one.
> I like all the items the "wish list". The only one I disagree with
> is collecting pizza money at the start.

That was just throwing out an idea of what might be possible for 
whomever might wish to participate, if we wanted to stay after 9:00 
and kibbitz. Rather than go elsewhere. If anybody had a preference, or 
cared. In the premise of "ask your neighbour if you have questions".

To the best of my recollection, 'newbie' time was set between 6 and 7 
PM, but has been largely unattended. On the other hand, most people 
skedaddle quickly after 9:00. I was asking if people would like such 
time, on-site, after 9:00, and if people were hungry, is ordering 
pizza or subs or whatever something they would like to do.

It comes down to booking time too. Do we book 6 - 9, 7 - 10, 7-9, or 
??? The people we ask to donate space will need to know.

>> There's another aspect that I think we should also discuss - in
>> essence, 'professionalism' vs. community.
> I personally don't think they are exclusive. I thought of Manulife
> not because its swank, but because it meets 90% of the things you
> listed on your wish list.

I agree. I didn't mean to imply they were exclusive, sorry about that. 
Perhaps swank was a poor choice of words, but it conveys what I mean - 
the Huether tables are a more pleasant experience than, say, high 
school cafeteria tables might be.

> For professionalism I have my daily job, for me the KWLUG is a
> hobbyist club, not a professional membership.

I suspect that not everyone thinks of kwlug as hobbyist. I suspect 
some consider it professional skills acquisition learning time and 
opportunities. And some think of it as 'FOSS evangelizing' - to use an 
unfortunately 'derogatory' (?) term.

In some sense I'm surprised you say this Raul - it seems to me one of 
the ways you use kwlug is as an opportunity to hone your meeting / 
presentation skills. And why not? Certainly you just get better and 
better and better every time. It's really quite interesting to watch 
your skills grow. And we're very grateful for all that you do.

> Having said that, all the presentations I remember have been quite
> well organized with the presenters coming well prepared and doing
> an excellent job, sometimes bringing things that I can use in my
> professional life.

I agree. Apologies if I was unclear. But a quick glance of meeting 
topics can seem to show a group tendency towards advanced computerese. 
Tagging these less formal tips and tricks you mention into something 
more explicit makes us able to show a potential facility that we are 
more than just that.

>> I'm hoping to start a discussion here of what KWLUG would like.
>> So that what we want, and what potential hosts might need, both
>> get met.
> I personally still like the Working Centre (I feel it warm and
> welcoming). I also liked the Heuter, my coolheaded reflection tells
> me that it was all a big miscommunication. I am sure that if we
> wanted we could get to an agreement with management. Understand
> what they expect, and explain that some months are better than
> others.

Is this something you're willing to run with? Re-approaching the Huether?

> Bottom line for me is that any suitable space will be OK as the
> KWLUG is the people, not the space.

Absolutely agreed. Where I'm coming from is an attempt to gather 
together ammunition so that when I approach someone to sponsor us some 
space, I am able to answer the questions of 'Who are we?' 'What do we 
do?' 'Why should we be supported?' 'What do we need?' and, 
particularly, if we help you by providing you space, how are you going 
to help me?

And, upon receiving an answer to "What do you need help with?", having 
a sense as to whether or not we can deliver that.

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