[kwlug-disc] kwlug meeting hosts' notes?

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat Dec 12 22:48:16 EST 2009

On Sat, Dec 12, 2009 at 09:02:37PM -0500, unsolicited wrote:
> Can anyone with kwlug meeting hosts' notes send me a copy of their notes 
> please?
> Or, if there is a "How to host a kwlug meeting." link out there, a  
> pointer to it.
> Perhaps I'll try to compile such a reference.
> - group announcements and news
> - requests for other announcements or news
> - other local group news, etc.

I don't have anything written down. Here is what I do for meeting
announcements and hosting: 

kwlug-announce gets exactly one message a month[0], that's supposed to go
out the Friday before the meeting (but often does not go out until the
Saturday). That message contains: 

- A brief intro to the topic
- Mention of the FLOSS Fund nominee
- Directions to the meeting location 
- Other news or announcements 

Collection of other news is ad-hoc. If somebody mentions a new group
or a special event on kwlug-disc then I will often mention it. If
somebody asks me to put in an announcement then I will sometimes put
it in. Generally I am looking for local events that are relevant to
open source, and which are happening in the upcoming month. 

I do not generally advertise regular meeting topics unless there is
something special happening (or unless I feel like it, because I am
arbitrary that way).


The other thing that could go into your manual concerns the FLOSS
Fund. Basically we have a can at the meeting. The secret cabal can
also make arrangements with people beforehand to contribute. We
collect the money, and then a cabal member makes the donation and
updates the website with the donation amount. 


There is some information about the structure of meetings here: 


[0] This is a little bit of a lie. For very special events (e.g. RMS
coming to speak at the CSC) I have put out a second message. 

> If host duties include organizing any set up / take down, notes for same 
> as well, please. Heck, send such notes along anyways.

This depends on the venue. We may have to set up chairs in rows. Then
we set up a projection screen and a projector (which have been
provided by Netdirect lately, but which used to be provided by The
Working Centre). Tangible things to remember for meeting setup: 

- Extension cords and power bars
- Screen (or a wall to project against)
- Projector
- Maybe an internet connection
- The signup sheet, a pen and a binder or clipboard or book with a
  hard surface
- The FLOSS Fund can
- Some prompts for Linux news
- A map of the room layout before we started moving chairs around, 
so that we can restore the room afterwards. 

I take the completed signup sheet, add people who have put their
e-mails down to kwlug-announce, and archive the paper in a binder. 

The only other thing that I have been involved with is keeping the
website updated, but that is fairly self-explanatory and not part of
the meeting setup. 

- Paul

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