[kwlug-disc] New locations brainstorming

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Wed Dec 9 19:02:09 EST 2009

Khalid Baheyeldin wrote, On 12/09/2009 6:47 PM:
> I am trying to find solutions for future talks. Perhaps it is "We can't 
> hear you at the back, can you talk louder"? Better if we can find 
> mic/speakers, but they are hard to obtain, carry and configure (unless 
> someone has them and can volunteer bringing them over? Brent?)

I'm not sure the speakers need to be big. Standard computer speakers 
may be sufficient on the presenters laptop, etc. Or even the laptop 
speakers themselves. Also, perhaps not an issue, even for you, in a 
sufficiently quiet room. But, for me, even the Huether has sufficient 
noise coming in from downstairs, through the closed doors, to compete 
with you.

Even when at the working center, with the 2nd speaker at the back, 
hearing the presenter's voice was problematic, given the background 
noise. Perhaps a mic'ing issue.

More technically challenging, and certainly less weight, would be a 
second laptop with computer speakers at the back of the room pointing 
forward. It's the laptop to laptop (wireless) audio tunnelling that I 
haven't a clue about.

	Create a t'eed virtual audio device that is tapped via a tunnelled in 
remote laptop? (Brent? Jack?)

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