[kwlug-disc] DailyTech - Concerned About Privacy? You're Probably up to no Good, Says Google CEO

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> Khalid Baheyeldin wrote, On 12/09/2009 4:54 PM:
>  Re: Google search privacy:
>> You can turn off web history. I did the day I learned that I can do so.
>> Go here and turn it off:
>> https://www.google.com/accounts/ManageAccount?hl=en
> Can you be more specific? I get to account management, and don't know where
> to go from there given the bevy of choices.

Do you see a "Web history" option? If you do, then web history is enabled
for you and Google is customizing your searches depending on your search

If you see it as "Try something new", then it is disabled.

More info on that service here http://www.google.com/history/

Another area to check is the Dashboard https://www.google.com/dashboard/

Presumably this history only deals with google activities when you're logged
> in?

I assume so.

> Searching when not logged in would still have IP address, at least,
> captured?

>  Re: Analytics. Use NoScript as someone said earlier. Not only does it
>> prevent Google tracking, but it makes your browsing faster by blocking all
>> that Javascript crap that sites have and blinking flash ads too.
> I've got adblock and flashblock loaded in firefox, and achieve much of what
> you describe already. Noscript adds to this party / isn't some javascript a
> good / useful thing?

NoScript allows you to whitelist certain domains, and has an icon that can
be clicked to temporarily allow the current site to enabled JS and Flash.
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