[kwlug-disc] New locations brainstorming

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Wed Dec 9 17:42:02 EST 2009

Khalid Baheyeldin wrote, On 12/09/2009 5:03 PM:
> I don't want to go back to the Working Center either because of the 
> cafeteria noise. Last Monday at Heuther reminded me about that noise 
> with all the noise coming from downstairs.

IIRC, part of the working centre noise issue was exacerbated when 
another group started meeting in the cafe the same night we were. Thus 
my speculation that another night may have some viability, when cafe 
traffic is lower. Mind you, this could be a counter-productive effort 
- after all, the cafe will be trying to increase business throughout.

> Point taken. You are not the only one to say that. Sorry about that, but 
> I can't help it though (unless I am yelling at the kids, and I can't do 
> so for 2 hours!)

I REALLY don't mean to disparage you. All understand you are who you 
are with the voice volume you were given. I would rather strain to 
hear you than not hear you at all. I'm certain many of us would gladly 
be test audience's for you if you wished to conduct additional 
presentation volume and content tests. (-:

> Having a mic will sure help, but we only have that at The Working Centre 
> I guess ...

Speaking of that ... Raul ... you had what looked to be a throat mic, 
Monday. Is it normally effective, model, etc.?

Would a similar / wireless / bluetooth / headset / something, 
connected to a computer / speakers be useful, regardless of the venue 
and location?

Or, e.g., the Huether room, with the screen against the wall opposite 
the door, has a TV with various inputs. Could a mic, perhaps via 
laptop, be piped into it to come out its speakers?

Heck, thinking of Raul's presentation ... it would be easy to use that 
TV to put a live camcorder on the presenter. If useful.

Raul ... could some combination of the above be useful in providing 
content / streaming / recording meetings? (Is such desirable?)

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