[kwlug-disc] Desktop linux for Gramps

Khalid Baheyeldin kb at 2bits.com
Thu Dec 3 14:15:08 EST 2009

Great advice!

Some comments:

Give them a way to deal with photos. Even if only that your sister can post
> to flickr and your Mother can view them there.

There is kflickr for KDE. Very simple to use.

> Or something. Make sure they can do their online banking.

Works well in FireFox for at least some banks (President's Choice, TD Canada
Trust and I think ScotiaBank).

> Show them wikipedia.

Indeed! Make it their home page even, or bookmark it together with Google.

> And set them up with a skype equivalent. (Let them discover, keep contact
> with, and interact, with friends.)

Skype is available for Ubuntu/Kubuntu and works well, even with video. There
is a .deb package for it on skype.com. So they don't have to lose any of
their contacts.

And, most importantly, make sure you can remotely access their desktops so
> you can support them. If they lose interest, or can't figure things out, you
> don't want your efforts to be relegated to a corner, gathering dust. (Which
> is what happened with my mother, but that had more to do with mousing
> causing her hand to ache too much to be worth it to her.]
There is a KDE desktop sharing application. However, last I tried it, it was
painfully slow, even on a LAN. Not sure if it was a one off thing, has been
fixed or what.

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